Maintenance of Transformer : The Complete Guide

Maintenance of Transformer : The Complete Guide | One of the passive electrical device is the electrical transformer. It is used to transfer the electrical energy. In this article we are going to see about maintenance of transformer. The guide is completely covered about transformer maintenance. So, read carefully without skip any paragraph. Precautions For … Read more

Forces Generated in Transformer During Short Circuit

Transformer Short Circuit Forces Forces Generated in Transformer During Short Circuit | Transformer coils are subject to tremendous forces under short circuit conditions, because currents may be of the order of hundreds or thousands of amperes. Moreover force is proportional to the square of the current. The force exerted on each conductor is given by the well-known … Read more

Drying of Electrical Transformer Insulation

Drying of Electrical Transformer Insulation | New transformers are almost invariable sent fully dried out, filled with oil and fitted with a breather. Sometimes large transformers are sent out without oil, with the cooling coils separately packed, to reduce weight and facilitate handling. The cooling tube outlets are the sent blanked off sealed, the tank … Read more