101 Basic Electrical Definitions | Current, Volt, Power

101 Basic Electrical Definitions Basic Electrical Definitions | What is electrical definitions? what is the use of studying the electrical term definitions? Now you have these questions right. Basic electrical definitions are used to define the electrical related object or thing or equipment. We are going to study about ohm’s law, electric circuit, electric power, electrical … Read more

300 Electrical Abbreviations and Full Forms

300 Electrical Abbreviations and Full Forms Electrical Abbreviations and Full Forms | Full Form of MCB, MCCB, RCCB, RCBO, ELCB, ACB, DP and UPS | In this post we have described the subject of electrical abbreviations and full full forms. Do you know why we have been using electrical abbreviations and full forms in electrical … Read more

Basic Electrical Symbols List 2021

Basic Electrical Symbols | Symbols are used in electrical drawings that set in the basic electrical structure. If you are an electrician, should remember its identities. On this basis, I have incorporated electrical and electronics symbols into this post. Basic Electrical Symbols Drawing symbols are like volt, current, power, circuit breaker, distribution board, fuse, links, switch, socket, … Read more

20 Important Electrical Tools Names with Pictures

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An electrician must know the important electrical tools names which are used in the wiring, construction and troubleshooting electric works. In this article, I am going to introduce some an important electrical tools with pictures. Read completely to know an each one of the electrical tool uses. We used to work with lot of tools when working on field side. But this time, we will see only an important electrical tools which is used for electrical installation.

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